kierstin happy birthday

6 02 2009

Kaelyn likes to say <person> happy birthday when referring to someone’s birthday.  So when we went to Kierstin from dance’s birthday party we got to hear it plenty.  After the short video I had taken with the point and shoot at dance (here for anyone who missed it).  Lori was nice enough to volunteer me to bring the camcorder and take some video of the party.  I edited in iMovie (’08 for those who care.. Eddie), and then posted the results on  While the 2.5mbit/s encoding of the 49 minute video came in at 976MB and says they accept files up to 1GB, it puked the flash encoding.  I tried it again at 1.5mbit/s but that didn’t work either.  I have a feeling it is the time duration not the file size that it doesn’t like.  I ended up uploading the 2.5mbit/s version in two pieces.  Here they are;

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

This is the first upload I did that is 16:9 and it looks great.  I ended up encoding at 854×480 since it is still standard definition quality video.  



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