i love the internet

So here I was reading RSS feeds of the news and something popped up about Matt Leinart buying a house in Chandler. I thought it would be interesting to see where, and in the article it mentioned he already owned a house in Ahwatukee.

I happen to know Ahwatukee extremely well since I have ridden my bike in just about every square inch of the rich home areas as they tend to be on the hills. So, rather than just moving along I looked in to it.

Matt Leinart bought his 6,826 sq ft house at 11633 S Warcloud Ct, Phoenix, AZ 85044 in June 2006 for $2.4million. It is right off Kachina Dr. where I’ve taken friends and family to look at Christmas lights, and I’ve ridden my bike a few hundred times. I think it’s less exciting to know a football player owns a house less than three miles from my old house than it is to know I could find out where it was in about two minutes.

I really do love the Internet.

Also, if you haven’t already tried it I suggest using http://del.icio.us
for your bookmarks. That involves less exciting people, but will probably prove more useful than various Maricopa County websites and zillow.

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