wikipedia is your friend

I’m currently taking a statistics class that is definitely pushing my ability to fit in school with the rest of my hectic life. Unfortunately the largest problem I’m having is that the statistics class before this left me with little to no knowledge as I had an absolutely useless teacher. So without a basic understanding of some of the background, who do I turn to? Well, the UoP textbooks focus on indepth background and real-life examples to teach typically and what I really need are some quick english explanations and a math example or two.

As luck would have it, I have this whole Internet thing here. I can search for each item on google and find some on-line college examples from other schools, as well as indepth explanation on wikipedia.

The class discussion question I just answered on one and two-way ANOVA required some background that I was lacking. Instead of spending two hours re-reading chapters from the books last class I was able to brush up on wikipedia and a few state school websites to supplement and I can speak intelligently about it.

How did we survive before the Internet? Can you imagine how far society can advance if we can continue to link together all this information in a more logical and user-friendly way?

Eddie, just don’t make any Web 2.0 references there =). Happy Birthday by the way.

2 thoughts on “wikipedia is your friend

  1. Stats is a beast. I had to take a two week “refresher” course during IAP last month (see relevant section on my blog). Hell on a plate.
    One of my undergraduate degrees is Math, but never took a stats class (of the 17 I took in a four year period). I’m struggling with it all the same.
    You’re right, wikipedia is a great resource. Stats for Dummies is good too. 😉

  2. jab

    Hm, you can find my blog at I’m not sure why it’s not displayed on the comments page (I populated the Your personal page field).

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